Summary of The Project

Futures Studies – the study and practice of possible, probable and preferred futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them – promotes UNESCO’s priorities. Futures Studies is trans-disciplinarian, using knowledge from many domains. By focusing on the future – what-can-be Futures Studies links individuals from public-private-social and emerging digital spaces. Using the methods and tools of Futures Studies, the UNESCO Futures Chair intends to:

  • Train
  • Enhance capacity
  • Create more effective strategy; and finally move toward emergent deep self- reflective linked learning cultures

This is for individuals, Organizations, institutions, nation-states and global Organizations. This intention is to assist in moving away from reactive modes of knowing toward double loop proactive practices. Through a process of questioning the future, the project is focused on challenging used and default futures and creating desired visions and supportive narratives. It not only seeks to solve tomorrow’s problems today, but create tomorrow’s opportunities today.