The project’s main objective is to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of the personal, organizational, institutional and global capacity to understand possible and probable futures and enhance the ability to create preferred futures and to develop robust strategies to realize these futures. To do so, requires us to understand and question the deep structures of past and present – our used futures – and recover agency, the ability to invent futures. The project intends to do this through creating bridges within and between domains as well as create new domains of knowledge and practice.

The project intends to:

  • Develop the field of Futures Studies through training in methods and tools; capacity building through action learning in the ability to use the methods and tools strategy development in terms of the ability to use these methods and tools to change organizational and national direction and emergence, the capacity to create novelty and mindfully reflect on self and other.
  • Enhance links within sectors (between various university leaders and between city mayors, for example), within knowledge areas (administrators, professors and students); and types of authority (citizen, police and urban designers, for example). 
  • Move the field toward a sustainable forest 
  • Develop models of what works in Future Studies, that is, how one knows one has achieved success in Futures Studies – that is, what works and what does not work.